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Protect the Environment by Eliminating Harmful Leaks and Emissions with Cleantech Solutions

Cleantech Product Statement

Aerospace grade sealing solutions seal 100% of the time. They never wear out and never fail. When properly installed, the way we manufacture our gaskets provides 100% leak free systems. This means not having to report leaking Freon to either your customer or the government. Leaks will be be a faded memory in your rear-view mirror.

Use of SECO SEALS can help you attain 100% leak free systems per ISO 14000 standards. The “ECO-Management Audit Scheme” (EMAS) is a voluntary management system developed by the European Commission of the EU. There are 4600 organizations registered under EMAS.

Make SECO SEALS your choice for gasket applications

Clean Technology Sealing Solutions

“So many people were looking for a solution to leaking Freon, that my team and I decided to try the space tech my father created to help fix the Atlas V Rocket, in the late 1950’s and 60’s. We found ways to use his Aerospace 100% never fail and never wear out solutions, to solve many day-to-day problems that leak harmful gases and liquids into the atmosphere.” — Jim Scott, Senior Engineer at SECO SEALS.

Now, we can provide for a clean environment and a safety of systems, whether it be a rocket, an airplane, a car, or HVAC, breathing oxygen systems for deep sea diving, oil platforms, simply put… all applications where they need a 100% certainty on sealing.

Our technology prevents and eliminates leaks caused by the mechanical failure of connections between fittings for fluids and gases. This cone shaped gasket will seal helium, which is the slipperiest thing in the universe to try to seal. Freon is a much larger molecule and is much easier to seal. So if you want to get to 100, 10,000 or 1 million zero leaks for your HVAC systems, use our SECO45CT Gaskets.


For information about our industry standard SECO737 Degree Flared Tube Fitting Conical Seals“, click the button below. Our CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code is 33447 and the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) is 9A991.d.

Make SECO SEALS your Choice for Gasket Applications


We provide pre-assembled SECO77 Kits with a wide assortment of our SECO7 37 Degree Flare Tube Gaskets along with kits customized to your needs.  For more information about these kits, videos are available in French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic or Spanish.

Installation Demonstration Video

Click the button and choose from a video in ten languages that demonstrates the proper installation procedure for SECO7 flare washers.


SECO SEALS’ newest product line is the, SECO45 – Patent Pending, 45 degree flare gaskets. This copper flare gasket is available in seven sizes. Coming out soon are 45-degree flare gaskets made from Aluminum, Nickle, and Stainless Steel in addition to the existing copper gaskets. Use Aluminum gaskets on all Aluminum systems. Nickel gaskets are normally used on hydrocarbon systems. Stainless Steel 305 is usually applied in high corrosive applications. Depending on your application, optional “tin,” “silver,” or “Gold” plating for is available.

Service and warranty providers for HVAC, hydraulic, pneumatic, automotive, and other applications utilizing 45-degree flare fittings need a reliable solution that eliminates repeat warranty or service calls for the exact same problem. Typical applications utilizing 45 degree flare fittings are LP and Natural Gas, flammable liquids, instrumentation, refrigeration, power steering, HVAC, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

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