• Analog Method to determine proper amount of torque for a SECO7 flare saver - Step 1


SECO7 Installation Demonstration Videos

Proper installation of our SECO7 37 Degree Flare Tube Gasket product line is extremely important. SECO SEALS created videos showing the proper installation and torque procedures needed to ensure the correct fitting of our crush washers. Videos are currently available in the languages indicated below.

SECO SEALS 37 Degree Conical Seal Installation
Instalación del sello cónico de 37 grados SECO SEALS
SECO SEALS 37-do konikarushīru no toritsuke
SECO SEALS Installation du joint conique à 37 degrés
SECO SEALS Installazione della tenuta conica da 37 gradi
SECO SEALS tarkib al’akhtam almakhrutiat 37 darajatan
SECO SEALS 37 Grad konische Dichtungsinstallation
SECO SEALS Instalação de selo cônico de 37 graus
SECO SEALS 37 dù yuánzhuī xíng mìfēng jiàn de ānzhuāng

SECO7 Kit Videos

SECO SEALS offers pre-packaged kits with a wide assortment of SECO7 flared tube gaskets. We can also create a “custom” conical seal kit packaged specifically for your requirements.

SECO7 37 Degree Flare Tube Fitting Gasket Kits
SECO7 Kits de juntas de conexión de tubo abocardado de 37 grados
SECO 737-do fureachūbufittingugasukettokitto
SECO7 Kits de joints de raccord de tube évasé à 37 degrés
Kit guarnizioni per raccordo tubo svasato da 37 gradi SECO7
SECO7 37 darajat ‘unbub mudiyat atqm tawqaan almunasib
SECO7 37-Grad-Fackelrohr-Dichtungssätze
SECO7 kits de junta de encaixe de tubo de alargamento de 37 graus
SECO7 37 dù lǎbā guǎn pèijiàn diànquān tàojiàn

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