June 05, 2023
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Ask the Engineer

If you have questions regarding which gasket should be used for sealing your application, please fill out the “Ask the Engineer” contact form below and one of our SECO SEALS engineers will reach out to you.

There are many different factors which determine the proper gasket selection for your application:

  1. Application Type:
    • Aeronautical
    • Marine
    • HVAC
    • etc
  2. Environment application deployed in:
    • Vacuum
    • Atmosphere
    • Petroleum
    • Ocean or Sea
    • Fresh Water Lake or River
  3. Is the Environment Corrosive?
  4. Material being sealed:
    • Gas
    • Liquid
  5. Is it corrosive (pH)?
  6. Material of adapter being sealed:
    • Aluminum
    • Nickle
    • Copper
    • Tin
    • Stainless-Steel
    • etc.
  7. Pressure being sealed
  8. Operating Temperature Range
  9. Tolerances Required
  10. Vibration

All of these have an impact on your choice of sealing gasket for your 37-degree and 45-degree flared conical seals. This is also true for your 24-degree flareless gasket applications.