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Out of Round Inspection

SECO7 conical seals are soft and malleable.  An out of round shape is not a quality reason for rejection of the seal.  These videos describe how to inspect and correct a SECO7 conical seal that has been bent during shipment, storage, etc.

SECO7 Out of Round Conical Seal Correction
SECO7 Corrección de sello cónico sin redondeo
SECO 7 autooburaundokonikarushīru hosei
Correction du joint conique hors rond SECO7
Correzione della guarnizione conica fuori tondo SECO7
SECO7 tashih alkhatm almakhrutii alddayirii
SECO7 Unrunde konische Dichtungskorrektur
SECO7 Correção de vedação cônica fora do círculo
SECO7 fēi yuán xíng yuánzhuī mìfēng jiàozhèng

Quality Certification

SECO SEALS, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified

Quality Certification

Download the PDF of SECO SEALS’ ISO 9001:205 and ASD9100D certificate for the design and manufacture of gaskets with a new expiration date of 02-December 2024.

Document A-8.4.3-F

SECO SEALS Document, A-8.4.3-F, details the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions that conform to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D standards.

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