September 21, 2023
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SECO45 gaskets conform to ASE Standard J513_201912, “Refrigeration Tube Fittings – General Specifications” for general use with flared annealed copper tubing in refrigeration applications.

SECO SEALS Inc. Releases SECO45:

There’s no excuse to leak Freon into the environment with the simple aerospace technology we have today.  Copper tin plated gaskets are the way to do that. Good Copper Tin plated gaskets work 100% of the time, they never fail, and never wear out! EVER!

This cone shaped gasket made will seal helium, which is the slipperiest thing in the universe to try to seal. Freon is a much larger molecule and is much easier to seal. So, if you want to get to 100, 10,000 or 1 million zero leaks for your HVAC systems, use our SECO45CT Gaskets.

Commercial and Residential HVAC Applications

Our technology prevents and eliminates leaks caused by the mechanical failure of connections between fittings for fluids and gases. With the release of our innovative SECO45 gaskets, we are successfully extending our aerospace technology and high-quality products to the HVAC community. “This is exciting because the new product line of 45-degree flare tube gaskets empowers installers, repair shops, and manufacturers to provide 100% leak-proof connections!” Jim Scott, senior engineer and president, leads the evolution of SECO’s 50-plus years of experience in sealing high-pressure critical applications to expand into a new industry — HVAC. “Not only will the SECO45 decrease the number of service calls and after-installs, but it will also reduce the frustrations and time that come with them.”

Leaks can be dangerous and expensive to fix. They are also harmful to the environment. So, being able to reduce systemic failures on entire cooling systems is a win for the HVAC world. SECO45 protects against vibration, thermal expansion, and contraction of the fitting; therefore, bringing a superior performance in pressure and corrosion resistance. In addition, SECO45 seals can help prevent galvanic coupling due to mismatched metals. Scott shared, “SECO45 gaskets won’t fail or wear out like rubber O-rings or polymer gaskets.” Sealing the most common connection in HVAC Freon tube fittings, SECO45 gaskets can seal helium gas to 10x⁻⁷, and they come in copper. They are available with tin plating.

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For more information or to place an order, please contact Jim Scott or Chris DeSandro.

There are two ways to either purchase, place an order, or submit an RFI/RFQ for SECO45 – 45-degree flare tube gaskets. If you already know what you need, order SECO45C and SECO45CT – 45-degree flare gaskets on our Amazon Store below.

Available Sizes

SECO45C gaskets are available in the sizes indicated in the table below.

Nominal Tube ODCopperCopper – Tin Plated
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Additional SECO45 Technical Information

For detailed technical information on our SECO45 product line. You can either view the SECO45 engineering drawings online or download a PDF of them.

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