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College Rocketry Clubs

SECO SEALS is a proud sponsor of collegiate rocketry clubs. If you would like us to sponsor your club with our products, please contact Chris DeSandro, General Manager, for more information or submit the contact form below.

Experimental Sounding Rocket Association

The Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) hosts an Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) for student rocketry teams from the USA and around the world. IREC is now the flagship activity for a new annual event called the “Spaceport America Cup (SA Cup).”

For more information about ESRA and the SA Cup, follow this link to their website.

Club Websites

This is the current list of rocketry clubs that we are currently sponsoring. Click on a weblink in the table below for more information regarding these collegiate rocketry clubs. All links in the “College” column take you to a webpage on our website with information on how that club utilizes SECO Seals products in their program.

CollegeRocket Club WebsiteDonation Website
Rocket Clubs Sponsored by SECO Seals

Rocketry Club Sponsorship Request Form

Please use this form to contact our General Manager, Chris DeSandro, for more information about sponsorship for your Rocketry Club.