May 20, 2024
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“Students for the Exploration and Development of Space” (SEDS) at the University of California San Diego’s mission is promoting the next generation advancement of space exploration and industry development. SEDS is a multidisciplinary student rocketry organization that focuses on liquid bi-propellant rockets and additively manufactured rocket engines.

UCSD SEDS goal is pushing the boundaries of what is deemed possible through innovative engineering techniques and business developments. They pioneer industry level rocketry projects and cultivate leaders in both engineering and business fields, culminating in research which advances the entire space industry forward.

Colossus Project

Cesar Orellana, Director of Business SEDS at UCSD, provided the following overview of their program. “Our mobile static fire system, Colossus, was commissioned by NASA to provide an accessible and affordable engine testing facility for student rocketry groups on the West Coast. Colossus can test solid engines up to 5,000 lbf of thrust, and liquid engines up to 2,700 lbf. For liquid applications, its tubing has to withstand pressures up to 1,350 psi.”

“The Colossus propellant feed team uses SECO Seals to ensure leak-free testing at these high pressures. AN fittings are preferred for our applications due to adaptability and ease of replacement, however, gasket options for 37-degree flared fittings are limited. SECO products provide an affordable way of sealing these fittings even when we lack the tooling to get perfect flares. This year, Colossus was upgraded to dual-cryo, and had a successful cold flow with liquid nitrogen using SECO 7C seals (video below). We are looking forward to hot firing Colossus again Fall of 2023.”

Click here for additional information and specifications regarding UCSD SEDS Colossus Project.

Cold Flow with SECO 7C (SECO7 Copper 37-Degree Flared Gaskets)

SEDSUCSD Cold Flow Test