September 21, 2023
NASA’s Restore-L Servicer Utilizes SECO7
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NASA's Restore-L Servicer utilizes SECO7

NASA’s Restore-L Servicer Utilizes SECO7

The refueling arm of NASA’s Restore-L Servicer utilizes SECO7, 37-conical seals. Following is a short excerpt from NASA Space Tech, released on June 23, 2016, regarding this project. “…In May, NASA officially moved forward with plans to execute the ambitious, technology-rich Restore-L mission, an endeavor to launch a robotic spacecraft in 2020 to refuel a live satellite…”

“…Beyond refueling, the Restore-L mission also carries another, weighty objective: to test other crosscutting technologies that have applications for several critical upcoming NASA missions. As the Restore-L servicer rendezvous with, grasps, refuels, and relocates a client spacecraft, NASA will be checking important items off of its technology checklist that puts humans closer to Mars exploration.”

NASA's Restore-L Servicer utilizes SECO7

In that same article, Frank Cepollina, “…leader of the five crewed servicing missions to the Hubble Space Telescope…” stated that “Restore-L effectively breaks the paradigm of one-and-done spacecraft…”

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