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Benefits of Annealing

Welcome to the Benefits of Soft Annealed Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, or Stainless Steel Conical Seals for Sealing Leaks in Gases and Liquids!

Are you tired of dealing with constant leaks in your gas or liquid systems? The solution to your problems could be as simple as switching to a soft annealed 37 or 45 degree conical seal.

Soft annealing is a heat treatment process that provides several benefits to these types of seals. By heating the material to a high temperature and then cooling it slowly, the internal stress is relieved and the material’s ductility and toughness are improved.

Here are the top benefits of using soft annealed copper, aluminum, nickel, or stainless steel 37 degree conical seals:

  • Increased Ductility: Soft annealing increases the material’s ductility, making it more flexible and less prone to cracking or breaking under stress.
  • Reduced Brittleness: The slow cooling process of soft annealing reduces the material’s brittleness, making it more resistant to fracture and less prone to failure.
  • Better Fatigue Life: Soft annealing improves the fatigue life of the material, making it more durable and able to withstand repeated stress cycles over time.
  • By switching to a soft annealed 37 degree conical seal, you can ensure that your gas or liquid systems are running smoothly and leak-free. Don’t let leaks continue to cause problems for you, make the switch today and start experiencing the benefits of a soft annealed 37 degree conical seal.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of soft annealing and to order your soft annealed 37 degree conical seals today!