September 21, 2023
NASA’s Restore-L Servicer Utilizes SECO7
Long Duration Energy Storage
Carbon Management
Nuclear Energy Potential
Hydrogen Energy Potential
Air Quality
THE GENESIS OF GASKETS: 37° Flared and 24° Flareless
Benefits of Annealing
How to Have a 100% Leak Free Car in 2023
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Why Use SECO Seals #Videos?

SECO Seals is passionate about zero leak, environmentally significant sealing solutions! Our goals are performance, reliability, and consistency. We strive to have your standard connector system seal 100% of the time to your specifications every time.

Important Messages from Jim Scott, Senior Engineer

Why use SECO Seals? Watch the videos below for reasons you should make us your choice for sealing solutions.

Stop Freon Leaks

Protect the Ozone

What You Aim For, That’s What You Hit


Our products have been used for over 50 years in space flight applications on critical locations. These products have a proven history of providing a high bar of performance that should meet or exceed your application requirements.


SECO7 37-degree conical flared tube fitting gaskets are used in space flight applications. That same ISO9001 and AS9100 quality part is available for your commercial requirements, standardized, and off-the-shelf availability.


Many systems are designed unfortunately with vendor specific products that do not tie to a national standard. SECO7 and SECO45 seals are designed to interface with SAE standard J512, J513, and J514 fittings. These fitting ends are standardized, proven, and readily available.

Why is it Environmentally Significant?

Compounds such as freon and methane need to be 100% contained in a closed system to ensure maximum performance of your system and reduce toxic effects of fluid or gas leakage.

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