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Protect the Marine Environment by Eliminating Harmful Leaks and Emissions

Marine applications have a unique set of challenges when it comes to sealing liquids and gases. They require the use of high-quality 37-degree and 45-degree flare-saver gaskets to prevent leaks plus maintain the safety of equipment and personnel. From petroleum exploration to oil tankers and oil rigs, to deep sea survey vehicles and diving chambers, these crush-washers must be able to withstand harsh and corrosive environments, high pressure and temperatures, and repetitive use of fittings.

Benefits in Marine Applications

The use of 37-degree and 45-degree conical seals offers several benefits.

Improved Reliability

The conical seals provide a reliable seal for connections between fittings for fluids and gases, reducing the likelihood of leaks and the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.

Increased Durability

The soft annealing process used for the gaskets improves the performance and durability of the connections, allowing them to withstand repeated use and harsh marine environments.

Enhanced Safety

The elimination of leaks and spills helps prevent environmental harm and protect the health and safety of marine life, workers, and the surrounding ecosystem.

Cost Savings

By reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements, the conical seals can help reduce labor and material costs.


The 37-degree and 45-degree conical seals are suitable for a wide range of marine applications, including petroleum exploration, oil tankers, deep sea survey vehicles, oil rigs, and diving chambers.

Custom Fit

The soft annealing process allows the gaskets to form to the slight imperfections of the fitting or flare surface finish, providing a custom fit and improved seal.


Our conical seals are ideal for use in these critical applications because they are durable, reliable, can help prevent harmful leaks and emissions and protect the marine environment.

The 37-Degree and 45-Degree Flared Tube Fitting Conical Seals offered by SECO SEALS are designed to meet these challenges by providing reliable and long-lasting sealing solutions.

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